During the month 7/2014, our company has exploiting 118.9 tons. Cumulative 7 months, the Company mined 280.7 tonnes, achieving 17.5% of the plan year (1,600 tons). In this month the company purchased 252 tons, accumulated 07 months, the Company purchased 1605.3 tons, 40% of the plan year.

Production volume sold during the month: 262.4 tons, 10.5 billion revenue. 07 cumulative months, the company sold 2226.7 tonnes allocated revenue: 99.2 billion.

By the end of June, our company cut the old rubber tree 784 hectares of rubber in preparation for new planting. Our company was planted 653.35 ha of new rubber tree.

At the end of July and beginning of August, the company had changed some key positions and has published comprehensive information at: