In the month of 10/2014, the Company mined 207 tons, accumulated 10 months, the Company mined 835.5 tonnes, achieving 52.2% of the plan year (1,600 tons). In May the Company purchased 79.6 tons, accumulated 10 months, the Company purchased 2055.4 tons.
 Production volume sold during the month: 270 tons, 10.2 billion revenue. Cumulative 10 months, the Company sold 3080.4 tonnes, revenue 132 billion.
 The newly planted rubber trees well-developed.
 In early November, the Board of Directors the Company has a resolution on the appointment of the General Director of the Company, under which, Vo Bao - deputy executive director of the Company held the position of General Director of the Company from the date of 06/11/2014. The company has published information in accordance with the provisions of the State.