In 12/2012, company mined 272.4 tons; for all year, company mined 1957.9 tons, get 100.41% of the year plan. In December, Company purchased 955.2 tons, for all 12 months, Company purchased 5187 tons, get 172.9% of the year plan.

In 12/2012, the company sold 749.8 tons, revenue is 45.2 billion; for all 12 months, company sold: 7500.5 tons, rubber revenue is 494.5 billion. Pre-tax profit is 110.522 billion.

Although the Company's plantations are in deciduous season, but in 01/2013, Company strives to exploit to get the target 160 tons.

The company was founded settlement reports, audited in 2012 and will publish the information as prescribed.