The company has 06 production teams which are spread across 04 communes: Hoa Binh, Hoa Hung, Hoa Hoi, Phuoc Tan. Total mining area is over 5,000 hectares; annual exploitation is about 6,000 tons of rubber.

Team 1: Established in 1981, is one of the first established units in the company.  Area is 916 ha, labor is average 279 workers. Most of the gardens are belongs to Hoa Binh communes, team office is near to the company's office so that there are many advantages in the management of labor, production, ... Team Leaders are very active in the management so that they often exceeded production.

Team 2: distance is 5 km to company so that it is difficulty to transport rubber from the garden to processing plant. Area is 865 ha, labor is average 264 workers.

Team 3: Area is over 900 hectares, the majority is belongs to Phuoc Tan commune, Xuyen Moc District, labor is average 285 workers, teams always achieve production targets.

Team 4: Area is over 790 hectares, belongs to Hoa Hung commune, labor is average 273 workers. Team Leaders are young, dynamic, enthusiastic, qualified professionals so that they always complete the task assigned annually.

Team 5: is the most remote team far from the Company, area is 900 ha, labor is average is 295 workers.

Team 6: Lowest garden area in the company, the transport rubber is convenient by Provincial Highway 328, area is over 670 ha, labor is average 217 workers.